January 07, 2015  

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High Blood Pressure Protocol


If you’ve a serious interest in reducing hypertension levels without relying on hypertensive drugs, here are suggestions that have worked well for many, including ourselves.
(Please understand that this is not meant to supercede or substitute for the advice of a licensed health professional and we always suggest that individuals check things out with a trustworthy and knowledgeable physician.)

The following listed products, used either singly or in combination, have been reported to be effective in a sizeable number of instances. We suggest you try products one at a time, monitoring blood pressure carefully and regularly as you go, so that you can get a good grasp on what works for you.

  1. For starters: Miraculous Magnesium™ - this the most important of the vital nutrients that need to be in the cells in adequate quantities to keep blood pressure under control. (Check out the Magnesium Information Center on the web for research). M&M is the ONLY oral supplement that gets magnesium into the cells immediately, since it is mixed fresh daily into a tasty liquid drink (like hot lemon tea) that supplies magnesium citrate in an absorbable form.

  2. Next in importance: A brand new item - Emer'genc-C for Heart Health - an easy to take powder that liquefies into a delicious drink containing all 32 mineral complexes maintain cardiovascular support including 200 mg. potassium. Potassium is one of the essential nutrients necessary to keep blood pressure under control and potassium deficiencies are common.

  3. Pressure FX - a Dr. Peter Pang discovery. Follow this protocol: Check blood pressure on arising. Take one PFx tablet, check blood pressure again in 20 minutes. If blood pressure has responded appropriately, that's it. If not, take another capsule before eating anything. In any case, take 1 more capsule before retiring. It normally takes 10 to 30 days to experience full results.

  4. Arjuna - this relatively unknown herbal should be a must for anyone with a cardiovascular condition. Using your 'google' search engine, check it out read for yourself the many studies supporting the benefits of this substance.

Overlooked information from Dr. Atkins' most remarkable book, Vita-Nutrients indicates that taurine (500 mg tablets) taken 1-3 times a day in combination with the magnesium also has a beneficial effect for hypertension. In combination with 1-3 tablets of 50g. P-5-P, it is an effective diuretic. Also, new research supports the addition of Hawthorne Solid Extract (3 tsps three times a day). Triple blind study brought Class IV heart patients to Class II in less than 6 months with 1800 mg daily.

We also suggest Arjuna - a proven anti-hypertensive, and DeToxMax - the world's only PROVEN beneficial oral chelate. That's it - I hope you find this information useful. Read all the specific research linked to each product carefully. And for further information as it becomes available check this website frequently.

E-mail anytime you have questions. We promise a rapid response.

Here's to your good health.


Information and statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Products offered are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Dietary supplements are intended solely for nutritional support and individual results may vary.
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