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For those who don't know us, here's a brief introduction. As long-time medical journalists, authors, publishers and health freedom activists, we are primarily known for our many best-selling books, especially the block-buster Forty Something Forever:  A Consumer's Guide to Chelation Therapy now in its 39th printing with more than 775,000 copies sold.

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Over the years, readers, and radio and TV listeners often inquired about nutritional products we recommend - and incidentally, use ourselves. Happily, we can now make those carefully selected items available to you.  Many will not be familiar since they are not found on store shelves. All are physician-recommended, therapeutic potency, pharmaceutical grade supplements, contents guaranteed to match labels, produced by manufacturers who normally supply medical clinics.

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Want to experience better vision?

Pinhole-Glasses are the natural alternative to prescription eyeglasses. They are a modern and affordable alternative to prescription eyeglasses. Click here for more info.

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Our Goal is to Help You Escape the Drug Trap

Recently we have developed non-drug protocols for combating HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE and CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE. We also have practical suggestions for individuals suffering from easy bruising (those ugly purple 'age' spots), leg cramps and muscle spasms and compromised immune systems. These protocols have been endorsed by biochemists who specialize in nutritional healing and numerous  nutritionally-oriented physicians, many of whom recommend us to their patients if they do not choose to supply products themselves.  We are grateful to be able to offer supplements with assured benefits, identical to those an astute, research-savvy, well-informed physician provides to patients.

What makes These Products Different and Better?

So glad you asked. Since vitamin retailers are severely restricted by the FDA from making health claims (no matter how truthful) for nutritional supplements, manufacturers who devote time and money to clinical research with published documented results, cannot benefit selling to store-shelf marketers or the general public. Physicians, on the other hand, are not only free to recommend and prescribe specific substances for a variety of health problems, they reward the research-minded manufacturer who can back up results with hard data. The doctor who uses natural products in place of drugs needs documented assurance the contents are as labeled and work as promised - his patient's recovery and well-being as well as the physician's own reputation and medical license - hangs in the balance.

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We want to hear from you - if you have questions or comments, or ideas to share, please e-mail us at HealthSavers2@aol.com  We'll answer promptly. Honest. No one has all the answers and we can all learn from each other. That's what HealthSavers is all about.



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