January 08, 2015  

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Congestive Heart Failure Protocol


This nutritionally-based congestive heart failure protocol has been designed for people with CHF who choose not to follow the traditional drug-laden route. Since CHF is the most serious form of cardiovascular disease – now reaching epidemic proportions in the US – and prescription drugs offer little hope for recovery or long-term survival, we offer this information as an example of heart-rebuilding strategies that can be tried. Cardiac cripples have little to lose and much to gain since we have shown 'tired' hearts can be reinvigorated with appropriate cellular restoration..



There's now an easy-to-follow Jumpstart version of the full protocol. Please take a look.



Please understand this is still a 'work-in-progress'  It is our hope that in the months ahead, many holistically-oriented physicians will choose to join our "coalition of the willing" - doctors willing to offer these nutritional options to patients eager for a revolutionary health-promoting approach to this dread disease. Up to now, there have been few satisfactory choices, none of them geared to restoring health. The best orthodox cardiology has to offer the CHF patient is a two-to-five year survival, with repeated hospital stays, debilitating drugs, and a severely restricted lifestyle.

This just in:  two remarkable substances  - Ribose and Idebenone - have just come our way. Clinical testing suggests that together they produce unique heart cell energizing properties that bring almost immediate benefits. While still in short supply, the ATP Option™ ( an easy-to-take powdered nutritional supplement) is now one of the Fabulous Five components of the CHF protocol.  Check this site frequently for more information and release dates of this product.


This protocol was developed under trying circumstances. Upon initial diagnosis of the most serious form of CHF, Harold B.  began the road back to heart health by undergoing five sessions of complete (and very professional) colon cleansing with an expert therapist who wisely restored the healthy bacteria to the digestive tract as a part of every treatment. At the same time, he undertook a four week juicing diet which helped to rid him of excess weight, and shed the water accumulation which was preventing breathing, sleep and normal activity (he lost 35 1/2 pounds and has maintain that weight loss for two and a half years to date.) We think the colon cleansing was essential to getting his digestive system working normally, and recommend it for everyone, no matter what their ailment, since nutritional absorption is seriously compromised by a toxic digestive tract. 

As for items requiring a physician's prescription: He is taking Human Growth Hormone injections (0.33 mg of Somatropin) five days a week on an ongoing basis; six nights a week dermal application of Testosterone; one/half.125 Digoxin,  and 30 mg of thyroid made by a compounding pharmacist. In addition, he takes 3 drops twice a day of the 7x NanoKine option (an FDA approved homeopathic) and 3 tablets a day (sublingual) of the homeopathic HEART from BHI (available by prescription only; and once a week injections of a live cell preparation (Mesenchyme).

Please understand we DO NOT consider Congestive Heart Failure a cure-it-yourself ailment and we are currently recruiting nutrition-minded physicians who will be available to care for patients seeking an alternative to the traditional drug-laden approach. Physicians able to offer nutritional support to CHF patients and willing to document patient outcome results with verifiable data are invited to contact us for further information. Qualified physicians will be added to the MedSearch data base as quickly as possible.



Here is the current list of nutritional supplements we consider vital to Harold's continuing improvement:

  • 3 Cardiopeptase (the Serrepeptase enzymatic anti-inflammatory )

  • 1 BetaProstate (prostate protective)

  • Beta Glucan – 500 mg 1 a day – for C-reactive protein reduction

  • 4 Nattokinase (clot dissolving natural supplements) - 1AM, 1 mid-day, 2PM (the healthy aspirin, Coumadin replacement, safety trials completed)

  • 2 scoops a day of Heart Option Powder (a substantial multi in powder form)

  • 3 scoops a day of Protein drink + 1 tsp Creatine

  • Heart Plus (3 a day with meals) This is a Linus Pauling item: Vit C plus Lysine and Proline

  • Two Unique E (400 iu) capsules daily

  • 3 tsps a day of M&M – the Magnesium Miracle

  • 2 tablets a day of HI – the Homocysteine Inhibitor

  • 1000 mg TMG a day - in powdered form (to reduce elevated homocysteine)

  • 2000 mg Taurine (powdered form, mixed in drinks - the Atkins recommendation for blood pressure control)

  • Hawthorne Liquid Extract – 1 tsps at a time, three times a day

  • Tocotrienols 68 mg plus - two a day (Yassoo)

  • Twice daily oral supplmentation with Total B's (liquid supplement)

  • Twice daily oral supplementation with KM liquid herbal (best source of Potassium)

  • 2 tablets 100 mg Idebenone (clinical trials support reduction of cardiomyopathy

  • 1 200 mg daily CoQ10 capsule

  • 2 Bioperine tablets (shown to enhance CoQ10 absorption)

  • L-Carnitine (Liquid formulation – 2 tbsps a day)

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (300 mg cap) 2 a day with meals

  • L-Arginine (500 mg caps) two at a time with each exercise session

  • P-5-P – (B6 anti-edema derivative) 3 a day

  • Arjuna (6 a day, two w/ each meal)

  • Zygest (digestive enzymes) 2 each with each meal containing protein

  • Primaophilus (acidpholus bacteria) one or more a day

  • Cadiologics - Certified Mercury Free Omega-3 Fish oils w/Policosanol (2 a day)

  • 1 - 2 ounce bottle a week (didvided into 4 equal doses) DeToxMax from BioImmune)

  • 1 - 2 ounce bottle a week Ultra Absorbic-C (non-corn derived) from BioImmune

  • Morning and evening vitamins are taken with an 8 ounce cup of Alacer's Heart Option EmergenC (for electrolyte balance)

  • Lunch vitamins are taken with a 12 ounce glass of chocolate flavored soy protein drink;

NOTE: Diet-wise - lots of garlic, olive oil, Braggs apple cider vinegar, fresh fruits and vegetables; No wheat or sugar, very low salt; lots of healthy protein; Whenever possible we shop at Fresh Fields and Trader Joes for organic foods.

Also – Harold bicycles whenever weather permits, uses the Chi machine for good exercise when the weather is inclement); and we have an Alpine air purifier/oxygenator in every room in the house.



Information and statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Products offered are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Dietary supplements are intended solely for nutritional support and individual results may vary.
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