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 The UNIQUE Vitamin E!

Why Unique?

The ONLY Concentrated Mixed Tocopherols with an actual label claim of NO SOY OIL, wheat germ oil or ANY other vegetable oil diluent or filler that WILL TURN RANCID and cause HARMFUL Free Radical Pathology!

The ONLY EXTRA HIGH antioxidant formula (50%) the effectively neutralizes HARMFUL free radicals.

NOT just another ordinary Mixed Tocopherols, nor an esterified tocopheryl acetate (succinate), nor the dl synthetic form.

MINIMUM 5 YEAR shelf life. Contains NO oil diluents, fillers, allergens, colors, flavors or preservatives. Certified by Assay d-alpha tocopherol potency of 400 I.U. in PURE bovine gelatin Softgel capsules. QUALITY IS THE VITAL DIFFERENCE! If you now use ANY other "E", YOU will NEVER know what vitamin E can do... UNTIL you try UNIQUE E!


The most commonly asked question . . .

WHY does your doctor or health professional recommend you use only UNIQUE E Vitamin E Complex when you can buy so many other Vitamin E products for less from supermarket shelves or mail order catalogs?

You have a very slim or no chance of finding a truly protective, effective form of Vitamin E in the market place!

Doctors practicing complementary, Alternative, Integrative medicine and health-care professionals also know there are only THREE primary forms of Vitamin E available (other than UNIQUE ~ VITAMIN E Complex)

  1. SYNTHETIC: dl-alpha tocophey1 acetate or succinate  {spelled with "y" instead of "O" as in tocopherol). Is the cheapest, least effective, (often dry) form chemically produced. It often causes unwanted side effects such as, gastric distress, palpitations, even at relatively low dosages. Persons taking dry succinate Vitamin E err in assuming this form of Vitamin E is better because it contains no rancid vegetable oil content to sicken them. Many catalog and supermarket shelf Vitamin E products are adulterated with addition of the synthetic dl form to lower their competitive cost.

  2. ESTERIFIED: d-alpha tocophyl or succinate (also spelled with "y" instead of "O" as in tocopherol. Produced by chemically converting the natural oil soluble alpha, beta, gamma, delta tocopherolís, into a single acid ester (whence the term "esterfiedĒ}. The Laboratory Data Sheets of producers of esterifed VItamin E admit the tocopher(y)l esters not being subject to oxidation do noy serve as antioxidants. Where ANTIOXIDANT protection as well as full ANTITHROMBIC biological activity is desired, they recommend MIXED TOCOPHEROLS CONCENTRATE.

  3. MIXED TOCOPHEROLS: The natural and more expensive form of VITAMIN E containing all four of the Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta oil soluble tocopherols. Unfortunately, producers of natural VITAMIN E MIXED TOCOPHEROLS do not produce @X without leaving up to a third or half of soy or other oil diluent in the mixture, which which will turn rancid, even in hermetically sealed gel capsules, and produce a jolt of harmful free radicals along with daily VITAMIN E intake. This nullifies your very reason for taking VITAMIN E for antioxidant protection!

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Unique E is a private label formula produced exclusively for A.C. Grace Company costing up to 275% more than the industry standard vitamin E. Our high quality all-natural Mixed Tocopherols Concentrate formula (no fillers, oils, colors, or additives) provides the synergistic benefits of the complete E complex (ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA, DELTA TOCOPHEROLS) in addition to the highest biological activity of a potent concentrate formula, devoid of soy or other oil fillers that will turn rancid. Each pure bovine softgel capsule provides All Natural Unesterified Vitamin E Complex Concentrate: The only form providing full ANTITHROMBIC (internal clot prevention) as well as full ANTIOXIDANT protection against harmful free radicals.

Recent studies reveal the gamma tocopherol fraction is more potent than alpha tocopherol or the other beta and delta tocopherols in suppressing harmful free radicals. Gamma tocopherol inhibits peroxynitrates, harmful to brain cells because of its powerful oxidizing and nitrating properties. Vitamin E supplements should contain at least 20% gamma tocopherol, but most commercial Vitamin E supplements do not contain any gamma tocopherol at all. Unique E VITAMIN E Complex has always contained at least 36% gamma tocopherol. Our UNIQUE E formula contains a minimum of 400 I.U. D-ALPHATOCOPHEROL the important ANTITHROMBIC factor in each pure bovine Soft-gel capsule, ~ the antioxidant function d-beta, d-GAMMA, d-delta tocopherols.

What UNIQUE E dosage should you take?

You will never really know all the benefits the right form of VITAMIN E Complex Concentrate will provide ~ you use UNIQUE E the right form and especially in the right as recommended! Our doctors and health professionals with extensive UNIQUE E dosage experience have found it takes a minimum dosage of one soft-gel capsule for each 40 pounds of body weight for normal maintenance, with the entire dosage all taken at the same. (If over age 50, it would be prudent to take one extra capsule daily).

Many physicians with long experience with UNIQUE E use a "jumpstart" maximum dosage of six soft-gel capsules for quicker alleviation of chronic conditions, with the entire dosage all taken at the same time. Your doctor knows when the maximum dosage is advisable. When chronic symptoms are alleviated regular maintainence dosage based on body weight and age can be resumed. It is always advisable to follow your doctors directions in taking any vitamin or other supplement. There is no danger of overdose with UNIQUE E even with sustained maximum dosage.

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How long should you continue taking UNIQUE E Vitamin E?

The Drs. Evan and Wilfred Shute, eminent Canadian specialists (now deceased), who successfully treated over 54,000 cases of heart conditions, stated that VITAMIN E is an unusual "all or nothing substance" in that half a dose does not produce half a result. You need to take enough to "spill over" the top of the dam. What spills over the top produces the results. They stated there are 3 ways to make VITAMIN E useless. (1) Don't take high enough dosage to get "spill over" results. (2) Split the dose so you never get to the top of the dam. (3) Use the wrong form.

Unlike the other oil soluable vitamins A, D, and K, Vitamin E contrary to general belief is !1QLstored in the body. In as little as 3 to 5 days after discontinuing daily dosage, none is present in the blood stream and all preventive and protective benefits cease.

According to nutritional authorities, the average American diet, currently provides only 7-10 I.U. of Vitamin E daily, an amount far too insignificant for ~ preventive or protective effect. For this reason the need for you to take Vitamin E continues as long as you desire its protective benefits. In insurance, you cease coverage protection when you cease payments regardless of how long you previously paid premiums.

Can Vitamin E make you feel sick?

People say "I can't take Vitamin E because it makes me sick!" Well, first of all, it's not the VITAMIN E that makes them sick! It's the rancid vegetable oil in the capsules! This is why some mistakenly believe the dry acetate (or succinate) form is better than the natural oily form Vitamin E because the dry form contains no rancid oil to cause nausea.

If you are taking the synthetic dl type, you aren't taking a natural substance. You are actually taking a synthetic chemically produced VITAMIN E. When you take even low or normal dosages of the synthetic dl (or esterified) acetate or succinate forms, you may experience palpitations, gastric distress and other unwanted side effects even on relatively low dosages. This will not occur when taking the all natural unesterified high ANTITHROMBIC high AN1l0XIDANT form of VITAMIN E COMPLEX MIXED TOCOPHEROLS CONCENTPATE.

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Why is your doctor's choice of UNIQUE E Vitamin E Complex best for you?

Your doctor prefers prevention rather than treatment for disease. Prevention is less invasive and costly for you. Your doctor is interested in you, the whole patient. He knows the supplements you take either contribute to or detract from your total health. Many doctors and health professionals provide UNIQUE E Vitamin E Complex  MIXED TOCOPHEROLS CONCENTRATE direct to you as a convenient valuable service. They know regular daily intake will provide benefits available only from the truly effective and reliable UNIQUE E Vitamin E Complex.


Roy Erickson founder and President of A.C. Grace Company and UNIQUE E strongly exhorts everyone to read the following quote from a speech delivered by the late emanate Dr. Evan Shute of the Shute Foundation of London, Ontario, Canada, to explain how Vitamin E functions in the body. No one since has ever come up with a more accurate or complete description. The power of Vitamin E to treat and prevent heart disease of all types, whether coronary or rheumatic, depends upon four chief characteristics:

  1. Vitamin E seems to be a natural anti-thrombin in the human blood stream. It has been found by Zierler of Johns Hopkins and the U.S. Navy Research Department and Kay at Tulane to be a substance normally circulating in the blood of all men which prevents clots occurring inside the vessel. It is the only substance preventing the clotting of blood which is not dangerous. It does not interfere with the normal clotting of blood in a wound and with the normal healing process. Indeed, it actually accelerates the healing of burns and wounds.

  2. The second important effect of the use of Vitamin E is oxygen conservation. It is a natural antioxidant in the body. It has been shown by Houchin and Mattill, and this has been confirmed by many workers, to decrease the oxygen requirement of muscle by as much as 43 percent and makes the narrow stream of blood which gets through the narrowed coronary artery in many heart patients adequate to prevent the occurrence of anoxia (lack of oxygen), which is the trigger that sets off anginal or heart pain. Consequently, we have patients in Montreal who were once unable to walk half a block without the occurrence of angina pectoris but are now able to climb Mount Royal. Indeed, there is present in my audience today at least one such patient.

  3. The third major function of Vitamin E is the prevention of excessive scar tissue production and even, in some instances, the ability to melt away unwanted scar. It has been proven to function in this way in many areas of the body-from the hand, in Dupuytren's contraction (Rochester, N. V.)-to urinary tract strictures (Johns Hopkins).

  4. It is a dilator of blood vessels. This was beautifully demonstrated by x-ray in rabbits injected before and after the administration of Vitamin E by two workers in Florence, Italy. It opens up new pathways in the damaged circulation, therefore, and by-passes blocks produced by clots and hardened arteries.

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These four functions, all of them extensively confirmed in animal experimentation and human clinical work, make it the most valuable ally the cardiologist has yet found in the treatment of heart disease. It has no rivals. No other substance has this array of needful properties. This drug then becomes the first safe drug which can be given to patients suffering from the results of a clot in a coronary artery. There has been and still is no treatment at all for this type of case except two mildly useful drugs, which can be administered with great peril to the already precarious patient. Vitamin E replaces 'rest and reassurance,' which have no authentic basis, with real help to the damaged, laboring heart itself. It is the key both to the prevention and treatment of all those conditions in which a lack of blood supply due to thickened or blocked blood vessels or a lack of oxygen is a major part or the whole story of the disease. As I have said, it has no rivals. No pharmacologist or internist can suggest another substance with all the powers and properties of this vitamin. God made it unique and we ignore it at our peril."


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