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 KM Potassium Mineral Supplement

The One...The Only...The Original...Km

For over 70 years, Km Potassium Mineral Supplement has been providing benefits to millions around the world. An inspired creation, this formula is unlike anything anyone has ever experienced. With its simple beginnings, taken directly from nature, the Km formula is the fruition of a dream, providing people with a revitalized sense of self and motivating individuals to take charge of their health and their lives.

Designed to work with your body's systems to enhance wellbeing, the Km product is a combination of 14 botanicals, brought together in a delicate balance, the result being this most unique of formulations. The Km preparation is special because it is one of the few products where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


The 14 Botanicals

- Saw Palmetto Berry

- Chamomile Flower

- Cascara Sagrada Bark

- Passion Flower Herb

- Dandelion Root

- Gentian Root

- Sarsparilla Root

- Alfafa Herb

- Senega Root

- Thyme Leaf

- Horehound Herb

- Celery Seed

- Angelica Root

- Licorice Root

As a young man growing up in the rich mountains of Austria, Karl Jurak dreamed of tapping into the secrets of the natural world. Through diligent research and testing, Karl's dream became a reality with the Km formula.

Fourteen herbal elements joined together at the molecular level form a synergistic bond which make the Km product unique and unrivalled. Over 70 years in the making, this remarkable formulation continues to be shared person to person, friend to friend, fulfilling the legacy of Karl Jurak and the Matol Mission to Impact World Health.

With the focus squarely on quality this nutritional supplement has found its way around the world, and has become a modern day legend. The botanical formula unchanged, the essence of the Km product has remained true to the memory of Karl Jurak.


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