November 29, 2007  

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Welcome to the ‘Coalition of the Willing’. . . Physicians ‘willing’ to treat CHF patients nutritionally, and guide weaning them off prescription drugs


Since it is essential for a CHF patient to be under the care of a competent physician, we urge health professionals with interest and expertise in serious health problems to join the doctors who have volunteered to scientifically validate patient outcome results with this ground-breaking nutritionally-based protocol for congestive heart failure.

Any M.D. who feels qualified to oversee patients eager to replace debilitating drug regimens with heart-restorative substances is welcome to contact us for further information. The "starter protocol" that we have suggested makes it easy for patients to progress, since the research evidence supporting these substances indicates subjects enjoy rapid improvement.

Each item included is backed by research that has shown definite benefits for Congestive Heart Failure patients. In several published studies cited, Class IV (the worst) CHF cases, improved to Class III in a matter of weeks. Although this digest is a limited selection from the full program, carefully followed these five substances taken as directed can help start the process of nursing a tired, failing heart back to vigorous health – and do it in a matter of weeks. Thus this shortened program can serve as a starting point for anyone reluctant to take on the entire program. It is our belief that benefits will be realized so quickly, the CHF patient will be encouraged to continue and expand efforts that hold promise to restore the seriously impaired heart.

Take a look at the Jump Start  'Fabulous Five'  – the first steps towards full recovery. We are very hopeful that documented results will encourage cooperation from a large number of physicians interested in learning about innovative remedies for a disease for which - to date - there have been few choices, none of them geared to restoring health. Those who join in will be working with a fine group of highly credentialed practitioners, many of them cardiovascular specialists. We will provide substantial patient referral, including a full listing in MedSearchä and generous air time on health talk radio programs.

Patients are waiting – they need you. We will always be available to provide additional information including published research to physicians genuinely interested in becoming involved in our ‘coalition of the willing’.

Please keep in mind that the ‘Fabulous Five’ is just a beginning of all that can – and probably must – be included to restore complete health to a ‘tired’ heart. It is our fervent hope that starting the journey with these five easy-to-take therapeutics will bring such beneficial results quickly, all will feel encouraged to continue the long journey back to true well-being and a normal active life. Keep in touch and do not hesitate to call (800-638-8807) or e-mail, if you require more information or just need to touch base.


Information and statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Products offered are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Dietary supplements are intended solely for nutritional support and individual results may vary.
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