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Friends: You CAN beat hypertension without drugs!

Pressure FX Hypertension treatment proves

88 percent effective in Brazilian Study!

Sometimes a promising treatment arises from the strangest circumstances. Recently, the discovery of a new hormone and the addition of a substance widely known as a tumor inhibitor  were the unlikely components that led a Yale-trained pharmacologist to a discovery that could eliminate your need for prescription hypertension drugs.


Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is one of the most common forms of cardiovascular disease in North America. Roughly 25 percent of the population has it, and the condition can lead to serious medical problems, including stroke, renal failure, arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), heart attack, and congestive heart failure. Odds are, if you or someone you know has been diagnosed with high blood pressure, the doctor has recommended prescription drugs. This new discovery may reduce or eliminate the need for drugs in cases of salt-sensitive hypertension.

Canadian lab uncovers calcium's role in hypertension.

Up until the 1980's, roughly 90 percent of all high blood pressure cases were listed as "essential hypertension", meaning the cause was unknown. Eventually, researchers realized a significant number of hypertension patients (about 40 percent of all cases) suffered from salt-sensitive blood pressure along with low levels of a substance called 'renin', a kidney enzyme that plays a major role in easing high blood pressure.

These patients also shared a peculiar condition - they all had low blood calcium levels but elevated levels of parathyroid hormone (responsible for maintaining healthy blood calcium levels). Researchers speculated that some compound in the body was inhibiting the normal function of the hormone and began searching for it.

Enter Dr. Peter Pang - an extraordinary Yale-trained pharmacologist.

Working at the University of Alberta, Dr. Peter Pang, head of U. of A's department of physiology, led a group of researchers in the effort to find the cause of this type of hypertension. Through a series of tests on laboratory animals, they determined that a second hormone produced by the parathyroid gland was depressing calcium levels in the blood and causing high blood pressure.

They named the hormone PHF ('parathyroid hypertensive factor'). Essentially, PHF causes calcium, which should be in the bloodstream, to build up inside cells. These calcium-heavy cells place increased pressure on arteries, which increases blood pressure inside the arteries.

In fact, one of the major categories of prescription drugs to treat hypertension are calcium channel blockers that reduce the amount of calcium ions passing into the cells. (Incidentally, therapeutic levels of  magnesium will do the same, in a far more health-promoting way). Once they realized what was causing the "unexplained" 40 percent of all hypertension cases - high cellular calcium - the scientists had a foundation to search for new remedies.

Through his company, CV Technologies - a research and development company focused on using traditional Chinese and herbal medicines to produce modern nutraceuticals - Dr. Pang developed Pressure FX specifically to address hypertension caused by PHF. Its components include.

Cordyceps Sinensis, a centuries-old Oriental medicine commonly known as 'caterpillar mushroom', traditionally used to regulate blood coagulation, treat arrhythmias, and reduce high blood pressure; and shark cartilage, more widely known for its tumor-inhibiting properties, now discovered to be a PHF antagonist that lowers blood pressure, too.

When a group of Brazilian physicians tested Pressure FX in its final form, in a  clinical trial involving 102 hypertensive patients, the results were dram of the atic. Pre-study mean blood pressure was 171.42 over 107.95; after three months, mean blood pressure was126.13 over 83.36! 88% of those enrolled showed significantly reduced blood pressure; of the 84 subjects taking hypertensive drugs prior to the , 63 were able to stop medication and maintain normal blood pressure with Pressure FX.

Are you serious about tackling your high blood pressure?

If so, listen up! We strongly urge you to try Pressure FX, keeping in mind this is a supplement, NOT a drug, and overnight results are not to be expected. To give yourself the best chance for success, please monitor your blood pressure readings regularly with a reliable home-testing device. Take your readings immediately upon arising, then take one Pressure FX tablet - wait 20 minutes, and take your readings once more. If there has been a drop in blood pressure, smile happily and take one more tablet before bedtime. If there has NOT been a blood pressure decrease, take one more - then take a third at bedtime. Continue this regimen for at least three weeks before coming to any conclusion. Once your blood pressure begins to decline, you should be able to maintain healthy levels on two to three Pressure FX tablets a day.

Other nutritional supplements may also be critical - a potassium or magnesium deficiency can hamper healing - (that's why we include KM Liquid and Miraculous Magnesium in our hypertension protocol); an elevated homocysteine level (over 7 micromoles per ml). Read the information on H-I, the most effective homocysteine inhibitor on the market today.


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