November 29, 2007  

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Welcome to the "Jump Start Five-Step"
version of the ground-breaking drug-free
Congestive Heart Failure protocol.



This "starter" protocol has been specifically designed to make it relatively easy for CHF patients to ease into the intensive program which offers hope of full recovery from this dread, normally fatal, disease. Each item recommended is backed by research that has shown definite benefits for Congestive Heart Failure patients. In several published studies cited, Class IV (the worst) CHF cases, improved to Class III in a matter of weeks.

Although this digest is a limited selection from the full program, carefully followed these five substances taken as directed can help start the process of nursing a tired, failing heart back to vigorous health – and do it in a matter of weeks. Thus this shortened program can serve as a starting point for anyone reluctant to take on the entire program.

It is our belief that benefits will be realized so quickly, the CHF patient will be encouraged to continue and expand efforts that hold promise to restore the seriously impaired heart.

Since it is essential for a CHF patient to be under the care of a competent physician, we urge you to take this document (and all supporting studies) to your doctor before embarking on any changes in your current regimen. If you are on drugs (very likely) they cannot be abandoned or replaced without careful medical supervision. You will need your physician’s cooperation to make any changes in your therapy. This "starter protocol" makes it easy for you and your doctor to progress to a drug-free game plan.


NEW!!! Available now! A letter to take to your doctor. Dr. Dennis J. Courtney, MD is offering any patient under the care of a drug-prescribing physician, a colleague-to-colleague advisory which explains the Jump-Start Five Step and attests to its safety. If you want a copy sent to you, e-mail your request.


Each of the following five items is backed by credible documentation in the medical literature as having specific advantage for congestive heart failure. Each is also exceedingly easy to take, and has the added benefit of bringing rapid results.

  1. Colosan: Since it is almost impossible for someone to become seriously ill and still have a well functioning digestive tract, it is extremely important to cleanse the colon and intestines to enhance and insure the bio-availability and absorption of the recommended nutritional substances. Colosan is the finest product of its sort that we have found, and has the added advantage of being a gentle oxygenated cleanser that flushes all 21 feet of the digestive tract and dramatically improves absorption of nutrients.

  2. Miraculous Magnesium: As we learned long ago from Dr. Donald Carrow, there is only ONE effective way to absorb the most vital mineral needed to keep the heart beating steadily – magnesium citrate in a liquid formulation. This all-natural powdered product, flavored with dried lemon juice, is made into a pleasant-tasting, tea-like drink with immediate benefits since it is absorbed into the cells in one hour or less.

  1. The Heart Boost ATP Option: This powdered product (taken twice to three times a day in 2 to 4 ounces of orange juice) combines the heart-boosting potency of Idebenone - an super-potent analog of CoQ10 - that enhances energy production in the heart muscle and has been shown to reverse cariodmyopathy in CHF patients and the patented form of D-Ribose, clinically proven to restore cardiac energy to the heart muscle.

  2. DeTox Max: Dexotifies heavy metals out of the body with a special facility for eliminating mercury from the heart muscle, thus enhancing cardiovascular and circulatory health. This is the only product ever formulated to incorporate DiSodium EDTA and essential phospholipids in a unique microsphere encapsulation delivery system which enables the EDTA to be beneficially taken orally rather than intravenously.

  3. Arjuna: This Ayurvedic herb has been used for 2,700 years for a variety of heart conditions and has now proven its exceptional value in clinical trials. Patients with congestive heart failure improved from Class IV (most severe) to Class III (moderate) disease levels in just two weeks of Arjuna supplementation. In this study, patients did NOT improve while on their conventional medicine, but were reclassified Class III once the Arjuna was added. When Arjuna was continued for 20-28 months, all patients continued to recover and were able to tolerate additional physical activity.

There it is – the "Fabulous Five" – the first steps towards full recovery. We are very hopeful that physician-documented results with patients who choose to try this ‘protocol in progress’ will encourage cooperation from a large number of open-minded physicians interested in learning about innovative remedies for this disease for which - to date - there have been few choices, none of them geared to restoring health.

If you enjoy a good working partnership with your cardiovascular physician, please let him/her know we are eager to involve a large number of MD’s nationwide who will help establish the validity of what we have found so remarkably effective to date. We will always be available to provide additional information including published research to physicians genuinely interested in becoming involved in our ‘coalition of the willing’.

Please keep in mind that the "Fabulous Five" is just a beginning of all that can – and probably must – be included to restore complete health to a ‘tired’ heart. It is our fervent hope that starting your journey with these five easy-to-take therapeutics will bring such beneficial results quickly, you’ll feel encouraged to continue the long journey back to true well-being and a normal active life.

Please keep in touch and do not hesitate to call (800-638-8807) or e-mail, if you require more information or just need to touch base.



Information and statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Products offered are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Dietary supplements are intended solely for nutritional support and individual results may vary.
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